Option-null Love


the tranquillity of heart’s wanderlust,


the natural essence of living deeds


the only mystery to all rationales,


the only fiction for all facts.

Can love be an option?

If it may,

I would opine to hate such option.


So hard was it to find love,

Among the vast expanse of virtual emoticons

Yet here we are,

In times of threads tied on trust

Love being no option but a must

Not to hate for being liked

But to live for being loved

Do I have an option?

If it may,

I would open to love the option of hate.


Hate and Love,

The sides of the same coin, some said

Yet they forgot to mention

That they never meet face to face

Wanting the love of life,

Leads to the peril of

Hating the want for time

Committing to the lusts of crime.

Does love makes its option?

If it may,

I was just a figment of such suggestion.


Love heals many scars

Miracles show, yet very scarce.

Love was such a farce

Many who said are lost arse.

Mediocre to greatness

Such is the rise

That love shows its might

In the historic hindsight.

No love is an option!!!

If it were,

Motherhood would have been a notion!


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