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So far this deepavali has been marked by controversy on Crackers and pollution (whereas there is still a confusion on whether pollution is to be regarded on the basis of caste, I aint a better judge of that, after all I am a citizen of the geographical area that was termed previously S(H)ind). This deepavali has also witnessed many more cries on statements by actors doing their job and the impact of a misunderstanding on personal views from performance for a living.

It is indeed a pleasure to get into the first day shows of blockbuster heroes and their rhetoric upheaval of good over bad. I still remember my school days, when deepavali celebration was confined to crackers, sweets and the tv shows in the era of Cable TV generations. Those days involved a huge banter among friends on the price paid on the crackers and trying to argue on the height of the rockets that blasted around in the night sky. Time does change. And here we are arguing on each and every statement of anyone and everyone who are trying to show their anger or anguish in ways that can be termed at times derogatory based on which side of the pointer one falls.

Reaching to the bottomline of all these commotions on various views, requires a deeper thinking as to what is to be regarded as fit to be debated on and what is to be regarded as fit to be stormed upon. The focus is to be towards the benefit of an action rather than the basis of an inactive statement. Witnessing myself, I do understand that banters are the ones that attract more focus from the natural cameras than informative discourses. But are we becoming more so uglier in our approach towards the societal norms of acceptance of ignorance and arrogance. If so, I deem that we are indeed becoming the modern norms of liberal dichotomy.

Achieving societal harmony involves in discriminating between the good and the bad and ensuring that larger good always prevails over selfish motives. But does this harmony require us to understand the need to change focus on real intolerance upon statements of ignorant sentiments or actions of arrogant sentinels. Not all actions have to be a resemblance of ones real self. This level of understanding doesn’t require huge levels of yogic karma but just a minor adjustment on the past bearings of ones actions. We ourselves are experimental guinea pigs in the vast expanse of permutated actions and their combinative reactions. As the word suggests, not all actions are the self’s resemblance. Sometimes they are just ACT of the self.

But the general notion that prevails casts a shadow on oneself based on each events with a biased approach towards judgements. Being judgmental is human, indeed. But that doesn’t mean judgements and inferences are always the need of the hour. Sometimes, it is fine to be non-judgmental juries in the mines of tweets and unsolicited forwards in the wayward traffic of groups and posts. Not all needs to be opinionated, for real opinions at times of crisis faces the risk of being let off due to these non-consequential exclamations of sentiments at all times.

Being human at times requires recluse towards attitude and apathy. The distinction of humanity from beast is in understanding the sense of harmony at times of moral degradation by motivated immoralities and deformed ignorancies. Let us make this world a worthy place to live in harmony rather than marketplace of jarring jousts of tweets and opinionated blood pressurising sentiments. Harmony is the real need of the hour and places we can find them might soon top the list of endangered species too.




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