Missing Link

It never mattered to me that mixing prayers with desires and wants were more like the Brews that carry the tagline – Drinking is injurious to health. The only different in this case being – expectations are injurious to one’s interest in religion. All that devotion required was a giant leap from being a passionate commercial graduate and shift towards the plains of intangible intellectualism referred to with many names in faith and love. On the one hand, here I was asking for a proof to believe in god whereas on the other hand the supreme almighty was dissecting my burdens into small occurrences and erasing them with his gracious touch of forgiveness and forbearance. All I had to do was to drive towards the path of righteousness and trust in the instincts of faith with unrelenting hope.

My grandmother used to say that there is never anything called accidents. All incidents are part and parcel of whole scheme of arrangement within the ambit of natural forces. A plan that was drawn by such an invincible hand that many people at many a times call with different names. Some say Krishna while others say Allah. Yet few others change themselves to cry out aloud ‘Christ my Savior!’. Had there been innumerable gods, wouldn’t paradise been more like the parliaments mounted atop a chaotic hill. What do I know? May be gods are different from the so-called Demi Gods in paper economies.

It always intrigued me whenever I visited the temples. All that I ended up doing was tallying my personal arbitrary statements with entries for every archana tickets bought with the quantum of wants fulfilled. After all, isn’t it a good accounting prudence to note that for each debit there is corresponding credit somewhere (many a times, for me it ended up in the Suspense Account). More so what intrigued me was not how well I maintained the identity of a saintly guy within the temple walls, but the fact that how easily was I able to forget that God or the supreme being is just a manifestation of the self-conscience which many a times is forced to slumber within the void of its lovely abode.

Had the concept of god never existed, it would have been even more tough to understand the real purpose of humanity. Men would have continued to roam around in search of food and shelter; thus allowing the many founded civilizations to remain as specks of fantasies. Are the times any different now? We do see around us Men from here and there, constantly shifting in pursuit of higher economic goals, forgetting that a tree is always as strong as its roots. When the time comes to stand tall and support the roots; we try to hang on to the branches and allow ourselves to be driven with excuses of destiny and fate.

Change was never a questionable option neither would it ever be. The only option that remains with us is whether such a change is required for the greater good. So has the concept of god changed from time immemorial to the last time that I remember praying for peace. And so would it change from now to the time in distinct future where I would not have participated even as a mere memory to the lost generations of moneymal humans.

Who am i? What is my purpose? The treasure hunt for answers leads any saner corporate employee to the Jolly Good Organizations of Stress Relievers founded in the parks of heavens regarded as forest by any average urban mind. I don’t have any ill will towards any such organizations. Neither would I wish to throw open a debate on opinions that would not matter. All I find is corporatisation of human fear within the illusions of – Money Cures All. The modern day was never different from the yesterdays of our beloved grandparents. Neither would it be for our loyal descendants. All that matters will just be the way of spending 24 hours’ time period and stay alive.

– To be continued


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