Traveling in a sleeper class; gazing upon the passing landscapes; munching on every passing snacks; savoring the moments of shifting from one berth to another; moving like a Tarzan between compartments. These are not mere descriptions of train journeys in the life of a 90’s kid. These are memoirs of such a kid who misses the childish ignorance in the 21st millennium. These are the missing links in each one of us from what we were to what we have become. These are those memoirs that still lingers deep within making us to remember the thrills of childhood.

As everyone passes on to the adulthood, I too did. What seemed to be amazing, starts turning out to be foolish. Sometimes we tend to forget – Child is the Father of each Man. Life moves on as anticipated. No more does surprises thrills neither does meeting up all the loved ones every summer. Time reshuffles and makes us juggle with priorities that were never there as a kid. Thus making us to ignore the innocent child and making it obese with intended ignorance taught by the matured education. This goes on till the last breath and when we look back, the same childhood memoirs are all that we savour as treasures. Neither do we add up new memories to cherish neither do we allow the child to live freely again.

Once in a blue moon, one among us will break the chain and allow the monotonous tune of every urbanised socialite life to be severed, thus becoming the social animal that humans were intended to be – Caring and Loving without reasons. But what is given in return, jealousy and taunts. Is it the fear of ones inability to break the chains or is it the pain of allowing someone to be happy? But in reality it never matters, for Love is beyond pain and hurt.

Missing out on the lifetime of happiness and love, and serving the same in a silver platter for agony and misery to drought life out of feelings in the search for facilities of materialistic possession, we forget to sit down from time to time and enjoy the quick sip of Chai prepared with the unconditional love of motherhood. Passing through the crowded streets of our local market, we have forgotten that smileys were invented by those animated faces that showed the world harmony is in wearing a smile every second of the day.

Loving the phenomenon of unconditional care in the concept of a family has now been reduced to WhatsApp Groups with the monotone of Formal Greetings and unvisited trips to the hometown where even now there are eyes waiting to get the glimpse of the innocent smile that shone like pearls of the horizon at the time of birth. Yet we are all busy here trying to breakthrough humongous codes in languages unexplainable to common man, whereas all that a fellow human requires is just a reciprocation with a smile that shows him “I Care for you”.

All of us carry within us densely populated heart brimming with missing links in search of happiness, in turn polluting ourselves with deals of passion and lust. True love never requires a physical touch. True love never required physical presence. So were we taught by our forefathers in the stories of mythology. But now they are all worthy discussions in the quest to have good TRPs.

“World is always a zero sum game my child” – said my guru, when I was trying to add up my desires with prayers. They never mattered to me then. All that mattered to me was my prayers were not answered by god. Turning me against my faith was none other than my own indestructible thirst to find material proofs in life which in the first place was never tangible.

– To be continued 🙂


7 thoughts on “MISSING LINK

  1. Sundays brings you very nostalgic memories and bring you back to your Childhood. by every week you are reducing your age by bringing nice write ups. keep it up when you find solitaire.


  2. You are at that age ( 27 if I am right), Shankar, when everything seems vague. It is very tough to live at that age, I have sympathy for you. As we experience life we gradually know who we are,. But more we know about ourselves, we also lose a part of ourselves. Keep blogging. Your language is passable, but read books which others do not.


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