Yet another blog !!!

So far this deepavali has been marked by controversy on Crackers and pollution (whereas there is still a confusion on whether pollution is to be regarded on the basis of caste, I aint a better judge of that, after all I am a citizen of the geographical area that was termed previously S(H)ind). This deepavali has also witnessed many more cries on statements by actors doing their job and the impact of a misunderstanding on personal views from performance for a living. Continue reading “Yet another blog !!!”


Missing Link

It never mattered to me that mixing prayers with desires and wants were more like the Brews that carry the tagline – Drinking is injurious to health. The only different in this case being – expectations are injurious to one’s interest in religion. All that devotion required was a giant leap from being a passionate commercial graduate and shift towards the plains of intangible intellectualism referred to with many names in faith and love. Continue reading “Missing Link”