ANVIKA’s Trial – Her Wait of Identity

Her Wait of Identity
Waiting for her turn, Anvika starts recollecting the road to nowhere. Having travelled all the way from her native to this prestigious institution, Anvika is waiting for the final say to decide on what she is now. The journey started with the ominous signs of the chirping birds and waging tails. The highways lined with trees spreading their gloomy embrace in cool shades. The hired car joining in her search for identity.
After silent hours of moving landscapes, lies her final resort that shall certify her presence. Among the gallery of people in search of hope, here is Anvika with none left but for the ever-increasing feeling of frustration. ‘I don’t belong here! But I am, and there is nothing to do about it!’ voicing her anxiety were her eyes. Reaching the serpentine queue which seem to be inching slower than a snail, Anvika waits realizing that she now in her final phase of being validated.
Helpless. Lost. Angry. Frightened. Emotions tumbling like the great waves of destruction, Anvika wipes the tears that gleam over her wrinkled cheeks. Anvika, Mother of the American Citizen, Widow of the Disciplined Soldier, Daughter of the Unknown Landlord, Orphan of the Materialistic Fate, waits for her turn to be examined for the gateway pass to paid care and nursed lodging in the search for that Last Breathe.
Hiding the scars of her life and adjusting the dials of her only Precious HMT out of habit, Anvika is the focus of all the curious stares and looks of pity, irking her. Agonising her. Physical pain is far easier to bear than mental agony. Bearing anguish in the face and a look of constant worry in her eyes, she reminds of the notices stuck on the roadside walls.
No one to comfort. Helpless. Beyond caring. Anvika waits for her turn. From Secretary of the Arts Association to the invisible resident of the roadside trash can, Anvika has seen it all. All she did was be loyal to her conscience and loving like no other. The pathetic, helpless situation wants her to make her prove yet again how she is better than all. But it seems like somebody had stuffed a cloth in her mouth, preventing her to talk. Reality sinks in and she finds herself wanting to get admitted in the mental institute for she is just a patient, just a nobody.
– to be continued 🙂


In every walk of life

There will always be a bad day !

A day when tears keep flowing

From each failures to disappointments !

From each sufferings to broken hearts !


It is not just you my dear.

Everyone faces it.

Everyone finds it tough.


Even when living is hard

You will survive; Remember

How you have fought

And not about how you are hurt !


Breathe in the laughter !

Cherish the tears !

For tomorrow is the best day

And today is only the beginning !!


Just hang on and keep going !!


Cry if its must and whine you shan’t !

For every master was once a disaster !

So don’t give up !

Be brave and believe !

For you are strong as long as you fight !


Be your champion !!

For all you deserve is in your best self !


Living in today !

Leaving the past behind !

Saying goodbye to all sorrows !

For tears are not worthy of your eyes !!


Hesitate not to keep going !

You will pull it off, just wait and see !

All it takes is one more time !

One more try !


You are all the light !

You are all the might !

Take it up ! Brave it up !

Save it up ! Live it up !

Legacy or Living the Moment – What is your choice?

What controls outcomes in our life. Is it us? Or is it the Principles that we follow in our lives?

When that question is asked, many would say that outcome is always in their control. But the reality is much different. Outcomes in life is not in our control. But Principles do have a control on each outcome.

As Benjamin Hardy had rightly pointed out, many times people and their decisions are governed by Objective Principles. It is more important for us to find results quicker than fix problems permanently. Yet we forget, the majority of the success happens at the very end, and most people aren’t patient enough for the big return. He goes further to illustrate with a simple experiment:

If you drop a book, gravity will ensure it hits the ground. You controlled that action, but the outcome was the result of how it interacted with the outside world.

Small undetectable habits are the ones that accumulate and create the quality and legacy of our lives. The big things achieved in this world are just the smaller things that are done repeatedly. Sachin would not be a legend, if not for his records. True. But what made his records remarkable was his continuous effort to accumulate each run with the same vigor as the run that he made when he faced his first legal delivery.

Why do we settle for a temporary solution? This basic doubt arises when we talk about “living for the moment”. We usually act upon our immediate desires, rather than consciously choosing for each moment of our lives to serve some kind of purpose, add to some kind of objective.

‘Freedom is not the ability to act on any given impulse, it is the ability to choose what you want to act on, and why. It is not the absence of commitments, values, or discipline, it is the ability to choose them at will.’

The truest love is not how one feels, but how he or she acts. When one wants a “soulmate” relationship, think of it not as something that we find, but a person we choose and then grow with over time. The same way if we want to find purpose in life, we should think of it as whatever we are good enough to keep doing, until we leave a legacy — that is our calling.

It is not in premeditation that we decide what the big, important parts of our lives are. It relies on us doing, particularly, doing it over and over again. Doing defines our lives, our characters, our relationships—everything.

Everything that matters happens in small, repeated actions, and small actions are made up of moments. Which is why instead of living for the desires of “the moment,” one should live for the work of one’s legacy.

Our legacy is what we will be remembered by — what kind of person we were, and what we did while we were here in this world. Developing this requires us to be present. It requires us to choose. It requires us to use each of our moments, rather than wash them away with a rush.

There is a deeper, more profound peace that comes from working toward building a part of ourself in the world, rather than building our life around catering to our senses’ immediate desires. It will be equally taxing, frustrating, gratifying, joyful, exhausting — but at the end we are left with something greater than our self, and that is the point. Everything is hard, only some things are worth it.

~shared and adapted from blogs and materials i liked

Option-null Love


the tranquillity of heart’s wanderlust,


the natural essence of living deeds


the only mystery to all rationales,


the only fiction for all facts.

Can love be an option?

If it may,

I would opine to hate such option.


So hard was it to find love,

Among the vast expanse of virtual emoticons

Yet here we are,

In times of threads tied on trust

Love being no option but a must

Not to hate for being liked

But to live for being loved

Do I have an option?

If it may,

I would open to love the option of hate.


Hate and Love,

The sides of the same coin, some said

Yet they forgot to mention

That they never meet face to face

Wanting the love of life,

Leads to the peril of

Hating the want for time

Committing to the lusts of crime.

Does love makes its option?

If it may,

I was just a figment of such suggestion.


Love heals many scars

Miracles show, yet very scarce.

Love was such a farce

Many who said are lost arse.

Mediocre to greatness

Such is the rise

That love shows its might

In the historic hindsight.

No love is an option!!!

If it were,

Motherhood would have been a notion!

Yet another blog !!!

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Missing Link

It never mattered to me that mixing prayers with desires and wants were more like the Brews that carry the tagline – Drinking is injurious to health. The only different in this case being – expectations are injurious to one’s interest in religion. All that devotion required was a giant leap from being a passionate commercial graduate and shift towards the plains of intangible intellectualism referred to with many names in faith and love. Continue reading “Missing Link”